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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Straight from mah heart

Lately you must have been thinking,if all my words are true
May be that day I've made you cry, and haven't been good to you.

Don't pretend that it's okay, things won't get better this way
Don't do something you might regret someday

This moment will never come again, so take time and think again
Dont make hassle, its not going to rain, give me a chance.... a chance to explain
Believe me, my feelings are not insane, a little thought will not go in vain.
Come to me, share your pain. you will not loose.. you will only gain

Tell me what you need me to know,
Please talk to me, dont go away saying no

Though, I'm not an actor... I'm not a star,
And I dont even have my own car
Though fear of future is worse that the pain of past,
But I promise you girl, I will takecare of you till I last.

Believe me I think of you all day, and think of you in night
I want to hold your hands & walk for a mile,
Dont wish to miss you, even for a while.

Think again, at least think for a while
Your one yes can change our life.

Composed on the night of 22ndJune 2009
Inspired by songs of MLTR('blue night' and 'Actor') and Shania Twain('Dont').

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