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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two sides of love

Only those people can understand the magic of love and marriage who have actually gone through it.

It's something which one cannot explain in words, no matter how hard he/she tries. People in love can talk about this Magic for endless hours because they find beauty in every little thing between the two of them- the laughter, the eye-contacts, saying something without moving lips, the touches which is normal if someone else touches and a tornado if partner touches the same way,the trust, the reliability, the transparency, the support- whats not there in this relationship.

It's beautiful,
Its awesome,
It's wonderful,
Its Incomparable,
Its like being on wonderland,

But on other hand, God forbid, if it doesn't work out well. Life is like a island after Tsunami. Everything seems meaningless. All words seems bookish. Everything you see, you listen takes you to flashback. You cherish your memories with tears in your eyes. Your soul is broken into million pcs.You are a death body who is still breathing. I soul with no dreams, no wishlist, no likes and no dislikes.... nothing

My thoughts after reading a blog-post by Preeti, a journalist. Click here for the her post.

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