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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A balance in life

About 2-3 years back, I was watching discovery channel. They were showing a documentary on Giraffes.There was a forest(I don't remember the name) where the population of giraffes was increasing rapidly... When the population was too high, the population of older giraffes started declining. Discovery team was there to find the reason behind this sudden increase in death rate of older giraffes. After doing all the research work they found that in that forest, there are some trees which are gaining a tendency to grow poisonous leaves after a certain height. Only older giraffe(as they were taller than younger giraffes) were eating those leaves and so only older giraffes was dying. It was nature's attempt to keep a balance...

We should also learn from nature and try to keep a balance in our life..

A balance between studying and having fun,
A balance between profession life and personal life.
A balance between tradition values and modern views......
A balance between love life and friendship.

A balance in life........... that's all we need

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