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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Go to temple via beggar's street

If you really want to go to a temple, then go via beggar's street. It will cut-short your wish-list, make you modest, and will give you reasons to thank Him.

Last week(26th June), I had an incomplete discussion on God with Umang bhai. He said that he don't believe in today's God. When I asked him the reason, he said, it's because he don't like the way people worship him now. He said-"what I see... ppl doing is..begging...begging begging...all the time before God... praying (decent name for begging)... selfishly..... for own welfare..." I felt a little strange. If people are not worshiping Him the way they should then why to blame God for it and start disbelieving Him.

Since we had an incomplete discussion, I don't know his point of view. May be he respects Him but doesn't worship/pray Him. May be he believes in God but a little disappointed on the way people worship(read beg) him. 

The discussion ended in between due to shortage of time but my mind kept on pondering. The result was obvious-above lines.


Anonymous said...

we'll discuss.....worry not...... Waise...in short...I think..I don't believe this "God" thing...perhaps... "Nature" ko "God" bolo to sahi hai.... but Saying that God is some thing that watching you from a distance...thats Ridiculous ..according to me.....Still We'll sit and discuss... As I got many a point to keep you "ponder"

Vipul Pathak said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for your comment.. I would love to know your views

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