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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My dearest and most important possession

A blogger asked me about my dearest and most important possession?

My reply :

"Well,answer is not difficult for me.. It was in my mind the moment I read your question..but sometimes it takes time to find words.

It is all that I have received from my parent’s genes because that’s all I have which makes me special. Be it’s mental (creative & logical) ability, generosity, altruistic nature, continuous efforts for the betterment of life(and the society), simple living, being so transparent and open. no show-off… and much more....in short it’s my philosophy towards life and God(parents) gifted qualities.

If you are thinking that I am praising myself then I must tell you that I am not.. I’m just praising my dad and mom for what they have given me.."

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