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Monday, August 16, 2010

Yet another Independence Day of India

Yet another 15th of August. Yet another Independence Day of India. Yet another day to rotate patriotic smses without giving it needed seriousness.

Today morning, while watching TV, I heard a TV personality saying something which really forced me to ponder on the significance of this day in the mind of today's Indian. Have we taken our independence for granted??? Have we forgotten about the real heroes because of whom we can do whatever we wish to??? Do we realize the importance of this day??? NO. We all take it as yet another holiday. Yes a holiday-that's what most of the Indian's relate this day to. Instead of thinking what significant thing we can do for our country on this day, we check for the day when it is falling. Is it on Friday??? Are we going to have a long weekend(Friday-Sunday)? Can we go for an outing to some nearby tourist spot? Can we plan out a get together or some movies with our friends or family. That's all most of us think.

The transformation from a nation reeling under colonialism to a important player in the global economics should instill a sense of national pride in the heart of every Indian,living in India or abroad.But does this pride really exists in each one of us? Though there's some respect left in the mind of middle-aged generation for the sacrifices and the pain of freedom fighters, the present and the upcoming(west influenced) generation don't even bother about the past. They study it as a syllabus or as an important topic for a competitive exam. We, the present generation have not seen the slaved India and process of independence either so, most of us don't understand the value of gift that our previous generations have given us-THE FREEDOM. No matter how rich we are in words when such topic is raised, we remain mum when it comes to what we have done for the betterment of our society-like for the Chotu who serves us Tea everyday.(Here I would proudly like to mention that my maid's daughter, who comes to our house daily to assist her mother, is doing Bachelor of Arts and has also joined a English speaking course.)

India remained the second fastest growing economy in the world despite an unprecedented global recession.Most countries suffered negative growth in at least one quarter over the last two years but India’s GDP grew by more than 6% throughout this period – and by 7.9% in the last quarter of 2009.(ref.)Each of us has played some role to achieve this but at the same time each of us has also played some role in increasing corruption, social evilness, exploitation,misuse of power and money.........

A article 'Six Deadly Sins That Plague India' by Anirban Choudhury rightly tells the six sins of India as

  • Sin 1: When it comes to corruption, we are second to none 
  • Sin 2: We take pride in calling India a democracy, but from time to time our country has witnessed violence in the name of religion or caste 
  • Sin 3: We are still waiting for better governance for our country which can bring well-spread development/growth 
  • Sin 4: We Indians are a self-centred lot and things simply don’t bother our conscience as long as our homes are in order. 
  • Sin 5: When it comes to greed, we are second to none. I am not saying that others are not affected by the greed bug, but Indians stand out. 
  • Sin 6: The economic disparity in our country that the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. It’s a shame that thousands of poor farmers are forced to commit suicide year after year.

I would like to add one more-Sin 7:The 'Chalta Hai' attitude. We need to stop ignoring the wrongs that are happening around us.

In my opinion we are still tied in the chains of Division. The seed which was sown by English (Divide ;&Rule) is still reaping sour fruits. And sadly, our politicians are using this weakness to their best. Due to these politicians, the Indians which were once divided into two religion-Hindu and Muslims, are now further divided into Region (Delhite, Maharashtrian, Bihari, Bangali), Castes(Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians) and Classes( General, BC, OBC). Billions of efforts(read this) have been made again and again by common people to bridge the gap but few disturbing elements are keeping the fire of division alive. Though it's always Goodness which wins over Evil but how much time it will take to win this social battle is a matter of concern for all of us.

Even today, there are some castes which rigorously oppose inter-caste marriages. If anyone marries or expresses his/her love for someone belonging to another caste, the couple has to bear serious consequences which includes 'Honor Killing'. A study commissioned by the National Commission for Women (NCW) and carried out by NGO 'Shakti Vahini' shows that out of the 560 cases where couples were threatened, 121 persons have been killed.(news link). The killers are none other then the family members. The parents,who have bestowed us with their love though out our live and the siblings with whom the innocent lovers had shared chocolates, have now become the killers just for the stake of Pride. If such things do prevail in present scenario then why to blame outsiders or politicians. The harsh fact is that we don't take our fellows/mates as another Indian. They are Delhiets, Biharis, Mumbaians, Bengali, Hindu, Brahmins, Kankuj Brahmins, Baniyas, Kayast, Gujratis........ OBC, BC......... the list goes on and on and on.........The Politicians or outsiders are just widening this gap to solve their purpose. I accept that there incidents like Mumbai Train Serial Blast where we Indian's have shown unmatchable unity and integration but this emotion/unity lasts for few days or weeks till we forget it and get busy in our small world. After that, we again become Mumbaians, Biharis and UP-walas, Baniya, Pandit etc..

Corruption is also a serious concern which is eating our country like a termite.It has now crossed all it's limits with the expenditure on the preparation for Common Wealth Games(CWG). Just for your glimpse-The CWG organizers are paying Rs9,75.000 of the tax payer's money as rent for 45 days for a treadmill by Harrods of London which costs around £10,000, or about Rs 7 lacs. Further to add, 45 day rent for chairs is Rs 8,378 a piece and that of a 100-litre refrigerators is Rs 42,202 each.These deals for the chairs, treadmills and refrigerators are just a sampling of the common-sense-defying contracts.(news link).

Why there is unity only at the time of crisis and where are patriotic politicians/leaders who first think for India, then for their party and at the last for themselves? Where is the law???? Where is the fair system? Will our politicians ever think about a common man? Is our Govt. taking adequate steps to meet the needs of a common man-affordable food, drinkable water and adequate electricity.

These are big questions and a common man can do nothing significant about it. But a common man can surely do a bit for his society. And this bit by every common man can collectively remove the bitter part of India.

PS: Here my intention is to express my concern for my country and not to pull us back.
      This post is dedicated to my sweet sister. It was her initiative....her thought. I have just pen it down with some facts and figures.


Sandeep Verma said...

It's time to change ourselves and not being just a mute spectator.

Siddharth said...

Good Comment which every Indian who is a Proud Indian in Birth and Deeds should relish.

Vipul Pathak said...

@Sandeep: Right....

Vipul Pathak said...

@Siddharth Sir: Thanks sir.

sunit vashisth said...

while many of us know where we lack how many tried to improve the situation ..............how many of us can say that they have not bribed to get the benefit for them or their family .........we cannot reduce corruption unless first we start ........so for every thing let us first .......

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