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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's about our love

Its not about the pain you gave me at the end,
Its about the cherishing memories you lend.

It's not about my loneliness which never gonna last,
It's about the good time we shared in the past.

It's not about the fact that you left,
It's about the miracle that we met.

It's not about the songs of sadness I sing now,
It's about the songs of togetherness we sang (o wow!)

It's not about the mistakes we made,
it's about the decisions we gonna make.

Because it's not about the love I had given you,
It's about the love I still have for you.

And because it's not about how irksome my life has become
It's about how awesome it would be, if you come.

Comm'on! it's not a time to defame each other
Lets try once again, lets be together.

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