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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life has Cltr+Alt+Del option

Someone tagged me on above image on Facebook.com. the moment I saw it I felt that though we don't have Cltr+Z button in life but we do have Cltr+Alt+Del option which is not visible but we can use it whenever we feel that System(life) is facing some problem. It allows us to have a overview of the system(life), analyze what is going on in our system(life), check which Tasks(aims) are running, which tasks are Not Responding, which tasks are problematic and taking much of our RAM(mind/time), where End Task(let it go) has to be applied and  which  Tasks(aims) should be added. 

Not only this, if we explore it a little more, It shows Performance history of our system(life) like CPU Usage History(% of capability which we are using) and Page File History( internal and network resources which are being used to speed up the task). It shows us the Users (important people) which are present in our system.

Using this option, we can leave the system(life) in Stand By mode  for a short while, ignoring all  the running tasks and have some good time (leisure trip or gala time with friends etc). We can also Hibernate our system(take a break from life leaving everything as it is and later come back to move on from the same state at which we had left it). As a last resort, we can also Restart our system(life) and use it again with much of   free/fresh RAM(mind/time).

There is also an option to Turn Off the system(suicide*).People generally use it when they have lost all the hope from system(life), when system(life) hangsup(messed up) or when it is totally out of control. But this is the time when we need to show some patience, trust our CPU (capabilities) and give system(life) sometime to regain smooth fuctionality. In fact we  should never ever use Turn Off(suicide) option. We need to understand that  it will  severely affect other Network Users(family friends etc) who's systems(lives) are dependent on our system (life) and on the installed Hardware Drivers (expectations) to fulfill some commands(dreams)  related to Shared Hardwares (common interest)

refer to my post 'Suicide is a crime').


Anshuman said...

Also, not to forget the periodic system hardware upgrades (better health) & software upgrades/patch management (Education, Wisdom), which will help us overcoming shortfalls and help improve our performance over time!!!

Anshuman said...

Nice one Vipul, funny but very insightful reading!!! Keep it up brother!!!

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