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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friendship Test

Today someone took a friendship test on her friends by asking their Facebook.com account passwords. And then she pasted names of all the winners( who gave her their passwords) as winners stating that  da Unexpected frienzZ WON....n da Expected frienzZ LOSE...:D glad for da one hu won..:D ♥ :D".

I found it weird because I have many friends and they share a lot with me..... They also share things which they don't share with anyone else. Now If I give someone my password then their secret things will not remain so 'secret'. It will be like breaking their trust.Think it this way-If you had shared some deep secrets with me and I share it with other person then how will you feel? You may say that "I will take password but will not read chat etc..." then, my dear friend, if a third person promises me the same thing then what??? will you still think that i can give my password and your secrets will remain safe???

Now regarding the people who failed the test. May be they are the people whom people trust and have shared their secrets. They have not told you the password because they don't want those secrets to be reviled to you, just like they don't want your secrets to be reviled to anyone else. So, saying that that failed the test can be wrong because for some people they have actually cleared the test.

Remember, a F.R.I.E.N.D is one who shares almost everything about him/her life and not the one who breaks other people's trust by sharing other people's secrets with you.

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