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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Good Life

At first I liked this video and felt that this is an ideal way of living a 'Good Life' where one earns good enough to support his family and spend rest of his time with his dear ones and enjoy.

But later, after giving it a deeper thought, I thought what if Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr. Laxmi Mittal, Mr Bajaj and other legends of the Indian Corporate World would have chosen this "Good Life"? The empire which they created won't be here. The huge employment which they have generated wouldn't be here at all. A large number of overseas acquisitions and partnerships wouldn't be here, in India's kitty.Was it possible for India to grow at a 8.9% growth rate(second quarter 2010-2011)?

Take the example of this video only. If he had accepted the MBA's advice and had worked on it, he would have generated some employment. May be later some time he could have stared to export and earn currencies for his country. Wouldn't it be great? Wouldn't be like serving his country?

One should  not blindly run after money, doing all the unethical and disgraceful deeds, but at the same time, living a happy life should not be the only purpose of life.

If you daily give one coin to a beggar, he will always look at you with hopes but if you give someone a job he will always look at you with gratitude and respect. 

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